Rear Bumper Scania 2016 New blinker flashing 1.32 Update

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Hello there.
I am from Taiwan.
My English is not very good.
Please forgive me.

This is “Rear bumper Scania 2016 New blinker flashing beta” by MDModding.

Compatible scania 2016 S and R By SCS
I made a change.
Change the blinking seconds to the correct data.
The blinking action is now normal.
Support for 1.32.x
Please enjoy using it.
Thank you!

The ownership of this module is owned by MDModding.
When you distribute to other websites.
Please keep the credits of the author.
Thank you.
Thanks to MDModding for the good work!

SCS Software,MDModding,Xiao_Qunlong


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21 thoughts on “Rear Bumper Scania 2016 New blinker flashing 1.32 Update

  1. The Mad Trucker

    No File. Unable to download. Please fix

    1. TeddyBear

      lol what have you been smoking?
      download works fine and there are lots of files.

  2. You have the Permission from MatDom ???

    1. Xiao Qunlong

      Because of the original published web page.
      The link has failed.
      If anyone wants to use it.
      But can’t download.
      Will be disappointed.
      So I will choose to publish.

      I only make a small part of the changes.
      But the module itself is still the original version of MDModding.
      So I have explained in the text.
      Module ownership is attributed to MDModding.
      I did not say that this is my module.

      If you think that my behavior is wrong.
      I have nothing to say.

      1. That´s not the Question.
        I know Matdom very good.
        And if you want to change something it is better to ask.
        With this Actions he was on the Way, to stop any Modding.
        You can find him also on Facebook. 😉

        1. Xiao Qunlong

          I know.
          I have tried to find him on Facebook.
          But search for his name.
          I only found 4 people.
          And view the content.
          Found that these 4 are not quite like MDModding.
          So I can not inform MDModding.

    2. matdom1988

      No permission, voleur de mod. cela fait 3, 4 mod voler c’est dernier jours.

      1. Xiao Qunlong

        I have explained in the text.
        Module ownership is attributed to MDModding.
        I did not say that this is my module.
        In addition.
        Thanks to JoachimK.
        I found Mat Dom.
        I told him.
        Also got his consent.

      2. Merci pour ta Reaction finale. 😉

  3. TeddyBear

    doesnt work anyway

    1. Xiao Qunlong

      Choose the rear bumper.
      There are two other rear bumper options.
      You must choose one of two.

      1. TeddyBear

        I did.
        But when I turned on hazard lights they did not work as on the video.

        1. Xiao Qunlong

          Choose “MDM plastic” or “MDM paint”.
          These two are correct.

  4. TeddyBear

    Didnt I just say I tried them?

    1. Xiao Qunlong

      Try to check other mods
      It may be affected.

      1. Xiao Qunlong

        Or the order of the hoisting module.

  5. Best! Thanks!

  6. PitbullTasja

    your description says 1.32 beta, will it also work on 1.31?

    1. Xiao Qunlong

      It should be ok.

      1. PitbullTasja

        Thx it is indeed working in 1.31 and 1.32, I do like the way you made it with MDModding as base. It is better now in my opinion.

        Thx for this great adjustment for a great mod of MDModding

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