Rear bumper Scania 2016 New blinker flashing beta

YouTube preview

Compatible scania 2016 S and R By SCS
Tested 1.30.xx

SCS Software


13 thoughts on “Rear bumper Scania 2016 New blinker flashing beta

  1. great+idea….
    Here is the link for the video….

  2. tunning6000

    amazing,good job,thanks

  3. Merci, Mat, formidable Mod.

    Joyeuses Fêtes de Fin d´Année.

  4. hebelehübele

    where is the video?

    1. Oskar1104

      Here he (the modder) made a video on his own channel:


    Here is the video that should have been here

  6. how to use this mod?

  7. on my Scania S 2016 it’s not working

  8. nuttywolf3

    Video ? -_-

  9. KiLLeR Modding

    Something like this will be usefull for facelift rear bumper of daf euro 6 (like in real life)

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