Rebuilt Hungarian interchanges update

In those countries that work by Promods team isn’t in progress, I started to rebuild standard SCS’ interchanges and modify highways to real number of lanes (example, bridge over Danube now has 4×4 lanes). Up to now I finished Budapest ring road and all highway to Debrecen.
Czech Republic, Finland, Italy and full rebuilding of Budapest are next in my plans.
Link will lead you to page where you can choose files which you want to download, ask any question, report bug/crash and follow my work. There are all my mods.



6 thoughts on “Rebuilt Hungarian interchanges update

  1. BrunoAlexLUX

    Have you posted in ProMods site?

  2. If you click on DOWNLOAD, you come to the Topic on ProMods-Forum.

    1. At the bottom of the page, Brainiac has shared TWO Sharemod links. Haven’t clicked on them but they look like the ones he wants you to click on

      1. I see only 1 link.

  3. Hungarian trucker

    3 words: This is AWESOME!!!

    1. Thank you!

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