Red Light Mod V 1.0


Red Light Mod

For all versions of the game!

Red Light Truck Mod for the following Models:

daf.xf, daf.xf.50k, daf.xf_euro6, iveco.hiway, iveco.stralis, man.tgx, mercedes.actros, renault.magnum, renault.premium, scania.50k_r_high, scania.k,scania.r, scania.streamline, scania.t, volvo.fh16, volvo.fh16_2012, volvo.fh16_2013.

scs, trokei

DOWNLOAD MB [sharemods]

3 thoughts on “Red Light Mod V 1.0

  1. Nautilus_Pe

    And the point of this would be? ….
    Unless you have an evil looking truck like an old american one, this is a bit pointless..

  2. TruckerZer0

    Well, maybe it can be interesting if when you “come back” to your garage you do it driving backward, there are the reverse lights that can be used as high beams, sort of…

    Just Joking!

  3. This is ilegal on the road why shall you do this ?

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