Refresh Icons Menu V9

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Changed loading bar color .

Round corner in loading screen.

New cargo market icon.

Some minor fixes.

Tested in v1.32.3



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8 thoughts on “Refresh Icons Menu V9

  1. [mods] Mod ‘Refresh Icons Menu v9’ icon has invalid dimensions. (Required size 276x162px. Image dimensions: 1920x1080px).

    was soll das ???

    1. ciprriano

      Sorry my mistake

  2. Crach_Craite

    You really need to take your time and make this thing neat and flowing instead of updates every single day… you’re messing it instead of making it better. When you move the mouse pointer over some icons, they have some weird effects on them… SiSL did a nice job with his. Just take your time and make it neat

    1. ciprriano

      Thanks , you’re right , i need to slow down an take time. What icons ?

  3. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

    1. ciprriano


  4. #### be downloading updates daily, take your time and do it right once and for all.

    1. ciprriano

      Thanks for advice

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