[REL] Animated Gates in Companies v 3.2 [Schumi] [1.35]

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Mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers, many companies are animated! All gates and barriers have a collision, so to fully open do not attempt to drive to the base or to leave. In fashion there are not all companies that are in the game, the mod will be updated!

Version 3.2:
– The mod is adapted to patch version 1.35
– Fixed bugs

Supported versions of the game:
1.35.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France + DLC Italia + DLC Baltica

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

It is forbidden to spread on truck-sim.club

You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you:

SCS, Schumi and AlexeyP


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5 thoughts on “[REL] Animated Gates in Companies v 3.2 [Schumi] [1.35]

  1. TY but what means… [REL]?

    Renault Premium exists for v1.34?

    1. neranjana

      REL mean released

  2. GermanMods
  3. Hello, Schumi,

    I want to say thank You for another great Work for the newest Patch.
    Like ever 5* 🙂

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