Renault AE + interior


Renault Magnum with interior
colo1627 (convert)
unknown (mod)

Tested on 1.3.1 version.
Video: Thestefag40


11 thoughts on “Renault AE + interior

  1. jeffrey10

    nice mod

  2. wow nice truck

  3. not working,me have 1.3.1 version and cant find ……

  4. Nice mod,good for you!thank you!

  5. Mod jest tylko dla stromy jest ZAKAZ wynoszenia proszę o usunięcie tego moda z tej strony złodzieje.

    1. @lolo – nie kłam, opis na modscenter:
      Autor: ?
      Konwert i poprawki: colo1627
      Ma interior
      Działa na 1.3.1
      Video: Robertas14
      Można wynieść z podaniem autorów..

      Co ostatnia linijka znaczy? No widzisz, naucz się czytać i wynocha.


    AMAZING !! 😀 THX !!

  7. The speedometer not worked !

  8. pojarelul

    It’s a really nice mod, the textures are amazing but i have some problems:

    -The spedometer does not work
    -GPS does not work
    -The seat position is to high and you can’t really see where you are going (because of the white visor)

    Can anyone give me some sollutions?

  9. Great and high quality mod. Thanks for sharing.

    But can you remove front white sun visor, sometimes it makes hard to see road especially while overtaking on the one way roads.

  10. how to open the window

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