Renault Autotransport


Renault Truck with Autotransport Trailer
Tested 1.3.1 version

Author: kamyoncuyuz


15 Responses to Renault Autotransport

  1. Bosnian Guy! says:

    Which truck replaces the mod?

  2. Fagash says:

    Every time i load this mod it crashes my game, even with no mods installed it still does it. any ideas?

    • olstad says:

      woorks for me on 1.3.1 but maybe you have a older version? and don’t try to choos the start point but start where you get set from the game?

      If you use a older game, that might be the problem

  3. Baba says:

    nothing, y get y truck and choose y car trailer

    kamyoncuyuz, good job

    thank y very much

  4. olstad says:

    possible to make it for scania too?

  5. Bosnian Guy! says:

    It crashes my game alot!, every seconde time i go to the truck shop , game crash, it freezes, really bad mod.

    And other truck drivers has this truck mod, but with a another trailer, thats not good, it seems awful.

  6. human says:

    Can make new better version of that truck, and please fix the trailer attaching position in truck. Trailer attach not good in truck. Truck is nice

  7. human says:

    Sry I wrote again but Is it possible to make autotransport more independed truck in game

  8. viniskin says:

    Hi, here is the viniskin and I wanted pedetir all, if someone has the file base.scs the ETS2 already extracted, you could send me the folder veichle (where is the trucks and trailers). I only need this folder to continue edits skins.

    note: I know the estrous aqruivo base.scs, but I do not want to spend so much memory on my computer just to make a paste.

    SEND TO MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  9. Nick says:


    De truck rijdt in versie 1.4.8. uitstekend !!
    Alleen rijden met een aanhanger met auto’s werkt niet, krijg de aanhanger niet van zijn plaats af 🙁

    Andere trucks rijden wel met de aanhanger vol met auto’s rond. Ziet er mooi uit, jammer dat het niet goed werkt !!


    Brilliant, just what I needed to know, thank you!! Hi. I shipped my car oversease. I receiveda dmv notice of delinquent revenal from the state of California USA. I have searched every where under DMV…I could not locte an area. Please help tell me the steps so I do not nee do to pay the registration or PNO fees since itis not being in the the USA. Pleas attach a link for DMV if you happen to have ene/

    Thank you so much

  11. Keith Hecht says:

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  12. Keith Hecht says:

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