Renault Clio V V1R60 (1.40)

Fixed lights
Added plate lights

trzpro, skybh


11 thoughts on “Renault Clio V V1R60 (1.40)

  1. No license plate texture download ?? 😥😥

    1. Emir Bardakçı


      1. Thank you !! 😀

      2. Also can you fix the horn ? Even if you use Skoda horn, its better than the one now. And headlights are too bright

  2. It doesn’t work for me for some reason, even though it’s 1.40 and it says it’s not compatible !! Why is that?

  3. I have 1.40, but for some reason if I put in this mode, it says it’s not compatible, so is Skoda! Why is this? Thanks for the reply!

  4. I Can’t Access This Website. Always Says Server Not Found. Been Like It For Weeks

    1. Emir Bardakçı

      Try cleaning your cache / cookies. Website works well there is no any server problem.

  5. RebelCopyrights

    I cannot move forward with it Im like Im trying to accelerate with keyboard,mouse nothing only brakes are working. Tried to use default settings in game still the same. Whatever I do cant go forward.

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