Renault Magnum 6×4, 8×4 & 10×4


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Adapted for transportation of overweight truck Renault Magnum 6×4, 8×4 & 10×4.
Mods work with patch 1.21 – 1.24
The basis is taken from the mod jgut- “Renault_Magnum_8x_6x_jgut_v0.8” which was published more than two years ago.
Thanks to the authors.

Changes and additions:
– Added this trucks in dealer center.
– Added this trucks in company.
– Added real tuning engines DXi13 500 Euro5 ECU (617 h.p. 3030 N.m.) и DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU (582 h.p. 5333 N.m.).
– Added real gearbox ATO2612D, ZF 16 S 2230 TD and ZF 16 S 2530 TO
– Added branded headlights “Renault”.

Parameters of engines and gearbox correspond to real. Chassis options realistic as far as it allows the game engine.

As the game ratios gearbox and drive axles are registered in a single file, we had to make some identical gearboxes with different final drive ratio.
After the name of each transmission, I have two options – FG (first transmission gear ratio) and D (differential gear ratio).
The higher differential ratio (D), the more thrust but less top speed.

Maximum trailer weight – 200 tons.

Patency of the steepest climbs with a maximum mass of trailer:

For version 1.21:
Alexandria “+”, Hebira “+”, Patra “+”, Calabria “+”

For version 1.22-1.24:
Alexandria “+”, Hebira “+”, Patra “+-“, Calabria “-”

The archive contains a supplement addons to the trailers from Jazzycat which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).

Tested on 1.21 – 1.24
Map: TSM

Since the description of the mod authors made no mention of the ban on changes in their modes, as well as publication of modified versions of their mod, I think that copyright is not infringed by a chassis that the model has not changed.

Author model: jgut- Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado


12 Responses to Renault Magnum 6×4, 8×4 & 10×4

  1. Tornado says:

    Additional video:

    Capacity 60t

    Capacity 90t

    Capacity 120t

    Capacity 200t (8×4)

  2. RTA mods says:

    Solaris36 we´re back!! hahaha

    • solaris36 says:

      Are u an ####### or has a brain problem?
      I say pacifically: STOP joking, O.K., gallego? Con todo mi respeto a los gallegos, pero es el insulto que usó él. Se cree que somos tontos y no sabemos que es el mismo prenda cobarde escondiéndose.
      Se puede saber que coño te he hecho? La del otro día era tu hermana o qué?
      Ayer fuiste reportado y si sigues, cada mensaje tuyo será reportado, o, mejor aún: me pondré en contacto con RTA para ver si les gusta que un imbécil cobarde use su nombre para trolear por esta página. Así que de buenas maneras te digo que PARES YA!!!

    • Tornado says:

      Reputable RTA and Solaris, please finds out their relationship elsewhere. There is no place for finding your interpersonal relationships.

      Estimado RTA y Solaris, por favor, se entera de su relación en otros lugares. No hay lugar para la búsqueda de sus relaciones interpersonales.

  3. Broxar says:

    Where can i get the map mod ? and also nice Magnum!

  4. taylor says:

    there is a problem with the 8×4 and the 10×4 the texture has not come through and you cant get rid of it by painting it. Nice modbut this is the same problem I had with it a few years ago. I want this mod but the texture needs to be fixed. Thank you

    • Tornado says:

      Unfortunately I do not do 3D modeling. I just adapted the technical specifications of the truck. In testing, I did not notice the critical errors in textures. However, there is “a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey” – new skins are not fully work (the front part is not painted) and there is a problem with the color of the mirror. But these errors can not I fix because I am not competent in 3D modeling. Many times I asked for help, but no one I did not want to help ….

    • Vignes66 says:

      Try this :
      It fix this problem for me.

      • Tornado says:

        I’m afraid it’s not going to help ….
        I have not red texture. Now I will try to explain … When a monochromatic color everything is OK, but if you put the skin for example “Napoleon”, the upper part of the cabin will be with Napoleon, and the lower will be painted in one color, but not red, that is, texture like there, but they are not.

  5. raymond den heijer says:

    nice work but once i try to install an 10x for 200 t ets2 stop working why?

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