Renault Magnum 750 hp Engine

Renault Magnum 750 hp Engine

This mod adds a seperate engine to the Renault Magnum with 750 hp.
Dont upload on other sites please.

Author: PoolZ_NS


10 thoughts on “Renault Magnum 750 hp Engine

  1. which renault magnum mod you use?

  2. Nice thanks a lot! By the way wich are the Magnum mod you use?

    1. It’s the same mod i use, but my game is 1.18 version and when i try to select the 6×2/4 chassi the game crash, that’s happen with you too?

      1. Yes, that´s a bug i think. I only select the normal chassi.

        1. No, this is not a bug. In my Magnum I disabled all default chassis. So if you have different chassis (not listed in my Magnum) then you have conflict with other Magnum mods. Try to clean up your mod folder. 😉

  3. kamil171097

    New link!!!!

  4. Very good mod however in version 1.19 if this mode is enabled all trucks in the world and on the road AI became RENAULT MAGNUM . When i disable this mode then I have normal variety of different trucks on the road . Maybe a minor fix is needed .

  5. compatible ets 2 mp ?

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