Renault Magnum Black Interior + GPS


Tested on v1.3.1
Author: ElJavi


8 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Black Interior + GPS

  1. thanks, looks good and gps, perfect mod

  2. I installed this but it doesn’t seem to work properly, I get the interior but I don’t get the gps.

    Any ideas why? I was really after a gps mode for the Renault.

    1. @kevin – I had the same problem, but in the beginning, when I was on quick job. When I bought my new renault magnum, gps has appeared

    2. works only with trucks you buy not with those who already have you need buy a renault and select the proper interior

  3. anyone tested ?

    1. Q.R.A Farinha

      Yes, it worked for Me.

  4. remingtonh

    I really like this interior mod and use it exclusively, but, it might be just me, but it seems the GPS is too bright. Anybody else notice this?

  5. remingtonh

    Is there a parameter to reduce the GPS brightness in the mod?

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