Renault Magnum – Dashboard GPS


This mod puts a gps screen on your dashboard, replacing the cup holders. Adds an extra display with the info from the instrument cluster, in Route 66 Edition.

Work on: 1.16


DOWNLOAD 1 MB [sharemods]

7 Responses to Renault Magnum – Dashboard GPS

  1. HAKA47 says:

    Please for intérior légend édition Renault Magnum MTP
    thank you very much friend

  2. davrsmania says:

    Nice work! Renaults need this, integrated GPS are my favourite.

  3. erdal says:

    Is there a way to turn off the dashboard?

  4. Mag22 says:

    Thank you ohaha, very nice mod! I especialy love magnum, plz more mod for magnum!

  5. Thalken says:

    i think,don’t need a dashboard people need only GPS 🙁 so sad

  6. Frank A. says:

    Please update the mod so its compatible with the cabin accessories DLC.

  7. Sanyi624 says:

    You can upgrade the model pmg because I like the mod. And I use it since I can download it. Sorry for the wrong english but I use the google translate.

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