Renault Magnum E-Tech 400


Standalone Truck with interior, tuning, AO textured, wheels
Tested 1.12.1s version

Authors: ScheryO, D9dbko, M.Sikorskiy, Lexa


12 Responses to Renault Magnum E-Tech 400

  1. carlos eduardo says:

    not work!

  2. Noobtrucker says:

    Ok new to ETS2, how do you install this? its not an .scs file? I know im a noob. 8)

    • UnableRogue says:

      If it’s a zip file then you can just place it in the mod folder like normal. The game recognizes both .scs and .zip files.

  3. TruckerEstonia says:

    scs file???

  4. jdwarfer says:

    Just rename the zip file to .scs

    • jdwarfer says:

      It’s not really good to be frank. It’s somewhat merged with a DAF (DAF dealer btw). No renault engine or transmission. Mat body. DAF cf stuff ? why ?
      I’m disapointed.

  5. charger87 says:

    Please SCS file

  6. anonymous says:

    doesn’t work

  7. D16G750 says:

    Good work but it could be better! đŸ˜‰

  8. Majoox says:

    Her since no noobs, I’ve always written that in the beginning.

    does the archive just in the mod folder. Does the same as if it were a scs file

  9. Majoox says:

    sometimes I think having the truck then faked with photoshop.

    this mod just does not work! listen to something to put online. tested on three versions. not running.

  10. jdwarfer says:

    It does work ! The truck is in DAF dealers.
    I tested it on 1.12.

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