Renault Magnum E-Tech 400


Standalone Truck with interior, tuning, AO textured, wheels
Tested 1.12.1s version

Authors: ScheryO, D9dbko, M.Sikorskiy, Lexa


12 thoughts on “Renault Magnum E-Tech 400

  1. carlos eduardo

    not work!

  2. Noobtrucker

    Ok new to ETS2, how do you install this? its not an .scs file? I know im a noob. 8)

    1. UnableRogue

      If it’s a zip file then you can just place it in the mod folder like normal. The game recognizes both .scs and .zip files.

  3. TruckerEstonia

    scs file???

  4. Just rename the zip file to .scs

    1. It’s not really good to be frank. It’s somewhat merged with a DAF (DAF dealer btw). No renault engine or transmission. Mat body. DAF cf stuff ? why ?
      I’m disapointed.

  5. charger87

    Please SCS file

  6. anonymous

    doesn’t work

  7. Good work but it could be better! 😉

  8. Her since no noobs, I’ve always written that in the beginning.

    does the archive just in the mod folder. Does the same as if it were a scs file

  9. sometimes I think having the truck then faked with photoshop.

    this mod just does not work! listen to something to put online. tested on three versions. not running.

  10. It does work ! The truck is in DAF dealers.
    I tested it on 1.12.

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