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Here’s a reworked sound mod for Renault Magnum and Premium. It is based on my last Volvo sound mod because Renault and Volvo share their engines.



39 thoughts on “Renault Magnum-Premium reworked sound mod

  1. Great job Kriechbaum!

  2. It sounds like the cummins engine -_-

  3. this sound alot like the volvo re-made stock sound you made o.O

  4. kriechbaum


    I will repeat what i wrote in description : Volvo owns Renault trucks, and a lot of parts are shared. It’s the case of the engines, gear boxes,(Volvo engines on Renault trucks).

    The first time i heard a Magnum with a sound of a Volvo was in 2005 with the 480 DXI version.

    I hope it’s clear for you now 😉


  5. kriechbaum

    Wikipedia about Renault Magnum (in french):

    En 2006, des changements interviennent au niveau de la chaîne cinématique du nouveau moteur DXi 13 (dérivé du Volvo D13) commun au Volvo FH, répondant aux norme Euro 4 et réglé à 460 et 500 ch2.

    500 ch entre 1 400 et 1 900 tr/min avec un couple de 2 450 Nm constant de 1 100 à 1 400 tr/min.
    Transmission manuelle : ZF Ecosplit à 16 rapports avant ou en et 3 marches arrière.
    Ralentisseur : Optibrake – Puissance de retenue : 300 kW à 2 300 tr/min – ou Hydrodynamique Voith 3250 (option).

    Pour la norme Euro 5, les moteurs sont réglés à 440, 480 et 520 ch. Auparavant, la cabine a été une nouvelle fois modifiée en 2008.

    Link :

    See you 🙂

    1. Oh i see now always forgot that Volvo owns Renault LOL

  6. Great again my friend..!!!

  7. kriechbaum

    Thanks my friend 😉

  8. Hi kriechbaum, any update on the open pipe sound for the magnum?!!

  9. why every sound from you does sound so unnaturally electronic? A truck engine is still mechanical to 99. 99% and sounds mechanical. Why do you tend to sound always false? I can not understand this…

    1. kriechbaum

      PSR80h17 : Not for the moment.

      Petronny : I don’t understand what you mean, may be you have bad speakers or an another sound problem. My sound files most of the time comes from real trucks sound (on youtube, or the files from SCS).

      As i said, if you do not like it (thing that i can understand) just do not use it.
      First of all, sounds that are made by me are for me. Then i decide or not to share them.
      So, there’s enough choice about modded sounds, and you can choose the one you prefer.


      1. your creations of sound are not naturaly. ther have a touch of elektronik musik. Your Sound are too strongly worked and transmit a wrong image about like a mechanical engine should sound.
        You are in successful drunkenness because your fans no notion we have an engine should sound.
        I do not use yours sonds. I wanted to say you Kriechbaum only this because you think, in the meantime, you are of the Got of all sounds and this Is far removed from the truth.I hope you are able to accept this opinion without being offended .

        1. I work around trucks here in the states and can tell you that even for his American sound mods are nowhere near accurate, and have even shown some truck drivers his videos and they didn’t like what they heard, such as the cummins, it’s far off from what it should sound like, same goes for the CAT. If you’re going to do sound mods Krech, please do some research and don’t rush everything and put together recycled sounds, actually go out and do some personal recording if you have to. I agree with all Danos has to say.

          1. kriechbaum

            -Are my mods paying? : NO
            -Do i have a contract or an obligation of result ? : NO
            -Did i pretend to make the best sounds mods? : NO
            -Do i force someone to use the sounds i do? : NO
            -Am i ready to listen others to improve my mods? : YES

            YES, but (there is a but) if the criticize is based on something true or/and workable.

            For the Cummins it’s not the most realistic sound i did (it’s old now), but for the CAT C15, you’re the only one to say that it’s not realistic, and as i said for the others guys here, i need at least 30% of people saying the same thing to really move on, and change the sound and not only 3%. All things in the life cannot please to everyone

            For the C15 it was based on this video:

            And here is my sound, if you tell me it’s not really close…


            It’s not perfect, because it’s a game, yes we all know this, and if i could do it better, it would have been done.

            I think that instead of to be around trucks in the US (sentence you already said at least 5 times) you should have a ride or/and drive trucks if you have time.

            Last thing : i use those speakers: or/and a headphone.

            I don’t know for you.

            No hard feelings man.


  10. I think too, Kriechbaum, you have never heard really a truck. YOutube ist your surce for your Work? Sorry, however, I can laugh only at it.

    I think you hear too much “electric music” and in a bad mp3 quality. Your work sounds are very synthetic, as if the engine was a synthesizer. Sorry!

    I would not like to offend you. Maybe you get with it an impulse something in your work to change.


  11. kriechbaum

    Hi all,

    These all are your opinions. A sound cannot be liked by everyone.
    After all, who hasn’t at least 20-30% of people dislike their creation, this is normal.

    You do not like it, do not use it, it’s simple.

    And if you could explain me how to get sound files except from recording a real truck or from youtube, i’ll be really respectful.

    See you.

    1. Well, this is to be talked your kind to itself nicely.There are Modder them make good their work remarkably. The sound is vigourous and clearly in the middles, it sounds real like an engine.
      I will put personally no stones in the way to you in the future and will also write no comments to your creations.

      I would advise you, goes a tour with a real truck. Try to understand the frequency of the sound and then compare your sounds to it. Maybe you will come to the decision to change something to your work.

      I appreciated the fact that you stayed respectful and not fighting back offensive.

      Best regards!

  12. kriechbaum

    Lol, u just injuried me at your last comment (#####). But i did not respond. Here is a comment you let few days ago about a Scania sound i made :

    “obwohl der Kern des Soundes schon wieder miserable elektronisch klingt muss ich gestehen, ich bin doch angenehm überrascht. Es ist das erste Mal wo ich sagen kann deine Sound Mod diesmal hat mich überzeugt. Bravo!”

    So, if i am not wrong one day my mods are good, the other days they are not.

    Just between you and me, i drove trucks for 12 years, I have already done more than 1 million kilometers, and since i am a young boy i grew up with trucks around me (family company). So keep your stupids comments without any sense for you or those of the same level as yours. When more than 40% of the users of my mods will say the same thing, i’ll change my work, but for now, i have no worries.

    For the future, you can let comments on my mods, i’ll just ignore them, that’s what i did for 99% of them until now. No time to spend anymore.

    See you.

  13. kriechbaum

    EDIT : injure was coming from Simoschimtz. Sorry for this Petronny. The rest of my comment stay the same.

  14. kriechbaum

    Hello Danos.



  15. ah! Kriechbaum. I don’t understand your angry reaction. I have written to you, I will not disturb in future you any more as respect to your hobby and now you attacks me?

  16. Stop write insulting comments! If you do not like mod, ignorite it.

  17. iubucuiubuca

    weeeah, weaaah, weeeaaah!!! Maman, j’étais maudit. Mère s’il vous plaît aller à l’admin et lui dire de les enlever. weaaaah, weaaah!

  18. Unbelievable. He went to the Admin and complained that you criticized

  19. We know anyway who you are and what kind of character you have Mr. Kriechbaum…

    1. kriechbaum

      DD : Exacly, now you are advised.

      See you 🙂

      1. renaultforever

        Who makes such a thing is for me no man!
        Quick race to the Admin instead to be responsible how a man does not point you.
        Who does not feel adult – does not have to look here. That is very weakly and poor from your side…

  20. iubucuiubuca

    Kriechbaum , you are advised! 🙂

    by by!

  21. No, Krichbaum! You are avised!

    You have never heard really a truck. So keep your stupids comments without any sense for you or those of the same level as yours.

  22. renaultforever

    Who is not able to sustain a discussion and runs immediately to the Admin to get ads on somebody is for me no a man.
    Has lack of maturity. Weak, very poor quality of a man.

  23. something like that it is a very bad performance. A really NO GO!

  24. Kriechbaum you have my respect and full support by me…

  25. kriechbaum

    Thanks my friend Volidas, it’s the same from me. The best way is to let play the kids without disturbing them 😉

  26. HELLO FRIEND #kriechbaum !
    I wonder what the mod renault truck magum
    are you using?
    original or edited?
    can pass the link to your video renault ..
    thank you
    greetings from Brazil.

  27. ok… very thanks.

  28. friend kriechbaum!
    You have a similar sound to the original DAF truck
    equal to the TRUCK RENAULT MAGNUM?

  29. my blinkers 😀

  30. Agung1603


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