Renault Magnum Tandem Mod

Renault-Magnum-Tandem-Mod-1 Renault-Magnum-Tandem-Mod-2

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Modification introduces a tandem trailer for the game along with the charges.

Includes trailers with high stacker, empty container frame, 21 versions of tank containers, 4 versions of the container port, 3 versions containers BDF 2 versions of the construction industry hollow strake, strake 2 versions of the construction industry with cargo, tanker food, 3 versions of the platform

Author: Moders-Team-Poland


10 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Tandem Mod

  1. Nice job as always Moders-Team-Poland awesome truck

  2. Chrome sideskirts are terrible

  3. floflo05600

    Very good work, with your mod for Volvo Mercedes and magnum. You take a very good job !

  4. Please can you make that we can raise the 3rd axle with U

  5. Perfecto! as always MTP 🙂

  6. please can more hp and right-hand drive?

    I got used 1500hp and right-hand drive……

    I really like this mod…but unfortunately

    too slow and just left-hand drive….

  7. PuntoRacer

    Seems to be a great mod but I does not work. Why?

  8. The_Driver

    Video Video Renault Tandem tunning :

  9. isArtology

    I have a serious QUESTION!
    I saw you … How did you go behind the driver’s seat?
    How you do that in cabin?!

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