Renault Premium 6×2-4 and 6×4 chassis re-edit


This is a pair of 6-wheeled chassis for the default Renault Premium model. They have the largest fuel tanks I can fit without extending the chassis too much, but a shorter wheelbase than the 4×2 chassis.
It’s as compatible as possible with other mods, and uses all of the original truck’s materials and textures.

Complete list of changes from 4×2 to 6×4:
– Moved box on left side as far forward as possible, flipped ladder.
– Shrank and moved left side fuel tank.
– Deleted small tank, shrank and moved right side fuel tank.
– Added second axle, stretched chassis, moved trailer hitch.
– Repositioned driveshaft to clear and meet second axle on the 6×2-4 and
– 6×4 chassis respectively.
– Modified shadow-casting meshes and collision shapes.
– Flipped mounting point on a small handle to clear the new axle.
– Edited UI shadow texture to add the extra wheels.

Full credits:
Base model: SCS Software
New chassis: pez2k
Blender2SCS: 50keda


14 thoughts on “Renault Premium 6×2-4 and 6×4 chassis re-edit

  1. Markus Srihardi

    Top work with Blender scs (y)

  2. thankszz pez2k

    always good job

  3. roadrunner

    Grta ejob anyway you could also make the cabs with out the air kit on the roof’s to then this would be an outstanding mod

  4. Marcelo Sanchez

    All 6×2 truck mods, have one great defect. The second axis, direction in this case, has no differential assembly. It’s just an axis, and must pass above the cardan. This mod, in its original version, hiding the defect with a metal plate. In this manner, disguised the error.
    It is very common that the modelers, adding steering axis, leaving differential assembly, later, do not know how to cross the shaft above (or below, according to the truck) the cardan (typical fails of the mods, Erick Araujo, lamentably), you did not commit this error!
    Would be great, that some components were better placed (for example, the fuel tank on the left, tubes of pneumatic system go behind, between the chassis and the differential, etc.), but no matter, the model is amazing!
    Missing of light, behind the front fender, right side.
    An improvement of 100% of the original mod.
    Thank you very much for your work, and their ability.
    A question, I do not understand the bug:
    “No LODs – too much work!”, which means? (may clarify that mean?, please).
    The menu icons for the new chassis, are the same as the Volvo 6×2 6×4, could copy them.
    In real life, do not exist the side skirts for Renault 6×2 6×4, is a decoration created by the modelers, Renault are not manufactured.
    Congratulations for your work and thank you very much!
    (Sorry for my bad English)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1. By ‘no LODs’ I mean that I didn’t edit the lower levels of detail for the truck, the models that the game uses when the truck is far away. Since it’s very rare that you’ll see this truck from a long distance it just uses the full-detail model instead of editing all four levels.

      Thanks for the comment, and your English is much, much better than my Spanish!

  5. Marcelo Sanchez

    Hello my friend, again.
    Thanks for the clarification.
    Anything else, the secondary axis in the 6×2 model should be located, above the cardan, not below.
    The 6×2 can elevate the second axis, when traveling without load, to be below, that could not make.
    The Renault and Volvo, the secondary axis is placed above the cardan in 6×2 model, always.
    Apologize for the criticism.
    Best Regards!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  6. Marcelo Sanchez

    If you want to make a fixed version, I offer my help.
    It would be a privilege to collaborate.
    Especially, because I’m a fan of Renault Premium.
    I have no abilities with 3d editors, but I know every detail about Renault.
    Enhance this model is very easy, you just have to move some parts, to their proper location.
    The only difficult task is not has ladder on the chassis, Fuel tank (left side) has two holes, which serve as ladder. I can send you detailed photos.
    There are only three models of Renault Premium 6×2 6×4, and all are badly made. His model would be the best of all, with very little work.
    I am at your disposal.
    Best Regards!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1. Marcelo Sanchez

      A single condition. I do not want credit for me.

  7. Marcelo Sanchez

    Please, if you have time and inclination, would be great to make some cosmetic changes. You just have to move four pieces location. And the model will be absolutely real.
    Separate issue, if you want, I have the skirt sides model suitable for 6×2 6×4. I can send it with pleasure.
    It’s just a decorative detail, the 6×2 and 6×4 sides do not wear skirts, are fantasy, but they are nice.
    The model works perfectly, excellent!
    Bye, Marcelo.

  8. Marcelo Sanchez

    Thanks for responding…

    1. Sorry mate, had a busy week. If you post a link to your best reference images I’ll have a look and see what I can do, no promises though since I’m a complete beginner with Blender – anything more complex than moving things around will be a stretch!

      1. Marcelo Sanchez

        Dear Friend:
        Thanks for responding.
        Your saying “I’m a beginner with Blender”.
        dexterity does not come with the tool, comes with the person. You have the dexterity.
        In the model there is no need to create any new piece, just put them in the right place.
        The only difficulty I see, are straight holes that make the fuel tank in the left side. And the secondary axis above the cardan (in 6×2). The photos are on Facebook: “marcelofs” or Marcelo Sanchez”.
        If you want to add the missing lights, great. There is no well done model of Renault Premium, This would be the only. The details are cosmetic. Operationally, it is perfect. Who knows? SCS could be modeled on… If you finish, you can post on the official forum of SCS. They take everything into consideration.
        If you can reach me on facebook, there you have my private email account. I can send you a Sideskirts model that adapts perfectly to your mod. The photos are posted on Facebook.
        I registered on this forum, maybe you can get my email from there. Post it is not a good idea?
        I am at your disposal, Bye and thanks.
        Marcelo Sanchez
        Buenos Aires, Argentina.

        1. Marcelo Sanchez

          Your saying “I’m a beginner with Blender”.
          let me inform you, that your mod, has had the highest ratings in the most important blogs and forums, around the world (this published in Japan, China, Turkey, etc..)
          If it is, “is a beginner”, I would like to be.
          Bye, Marcelo.

          1. marcelofs

            Do not worry about the subject.
            I decided to do it myself.
            If you want something done right, it is better to do it oneself.
            Bye, thanks and good luck!

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