Renault Premium BDF


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Mod added BDF chassis with liftable axle for Renault Premium, trailer and templates included.
Mod tested and working on 1.16 version

Author: satan19990


7 Responses to Renault Premium BDF

  1. Alex40 says:

    Renault Premium BDF HD Video

  2. deineMudda says:

    very cool! Pls make a Scania Tcab version <3

  3. Rafal says:

    Super only thread that I have given this a modem and a link to the presentation on YT

  4. zoso says:

    Ciao Satan, I wanted to ask you can also coolliner for all trucks? thanks
    Ciao Ciaox

  5. Stefan says:

    thanks satan đŸ˜€

  6. routier31 says:

    Just best mod This mod is completed, Zero bug, to pourrier to make you a skin plastic style BASIC plz thanks

  7. Evox says:

    Hey Satan19990 could you update this mod : [Trailer-ETS2] Deleted trailers by SCS.scs,
    for the 1.16 version it give Maps traffic troubles and i like to use it so much, please.

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