Renault Premium Dirt


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Renault Premium Dirt Truck

Author: Максим Сотников


5 thoughts on “Renault Premium Dirt

  1. perfect,more mods create for renault premium.

  2. nice trailer skin .
    perhaps a download link for the trailer ?
    thanks in advance

    1. This mod also includes the trailer as a separate file!

      1. Thanks Vader .
        gonna download it .

  3. marcelofs

    Dear Friend:
    Excellent work!
    Very prolix, detailed and original.
    I would have him in my Volvo 2012.
    I stopped using Renault because SCS Software. Instead of improving the model increasingly takes away more stuff for example double axle rear.
    The board is dismal without the corresponding lights
    green, blue and red.
    Thanks for your effort and for sharing!
    Best Regards!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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