Renault Premium lander


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Version : 1.18
* 2 type chassis 6×4 and 4×2
* 1 Cabin type: High Roof.
* 2 types: spoilers.
* 4 types: bumpers.
* 3 types of radiators.
* 1 type of blinds.
* 2 kind of flashing lights.
* 3 kinds of wings.

Nik_1MTK , Vlad54rus , MRD_Hasky™


9 thoughts on “Renault Premium lander

  1. TruckingLover

    Really nice i found one bug after i uploaded the video..

  2. TruckingLover
  3. Smeu Lucian

    Great truck !
    But it still needs some changes:-interior accesories visible from inside
    -more interiours

  4. Russians know modding jobs.Thnks

  5. Thank you! Very nice mod! Premium indeed (pun intended). Nice sound too. I just wish that people wouldn’t drive like they were drunk and used fully manual transmission to appreciate the sound a bit better.

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