Renault Premium Reworked v3.5.1


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Updated version 3.5

– Fixed bugs
– Added a new chassis 4×2 (spare tire on the left side)
– Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option)

Updated version 3.5.1
– Fixed mirror

-SCS -Schumi -Author of some textures in the cabin: knox_xss -The author of conflict on the saddle: DANZ


2 thoughts on “Renault Premium Reworked v3.5.1

  1. Bogdan Alexandru

    I can t download this. why?

  2. Pierrick-FR

    Can it gave bugs with the Magnum of knox_xss ? Because I have the two trucks and on your there is à bug with the paint jobs (on the truck top)…

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