Renault Premium Tandem “Isover”


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Tested in version 1.11.x

Credit: Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda Blender’s plugin)
Skin: Fred_be


8 thoughts on “Renault Premium Tandem “Isover”

  1. Good mod ! Don’t crash !
    But I have a problem…only tandem trailers 🙁

  2. Subliminal

    al trailers are replaced with this… ###?

    1. goldchass

      Tamdem always remplace all trailers !!!

      1. scanialover

        no not the oliginal flemming v tandem

  3. If I do not like Flemming some point you no longer delivery

  4. Du die Unrealen 2 Boxen Hinten Weg wie Schaut des Aus ?.

  5. Jolie Fred!

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