Renault Premium v 1.2

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– Added beacon
– Roofgrill with nameboard (from 50k_addons)
– Reworked mirrors, added plastic mirror
– Added badges
– 3 new interior
– Reworked exterior interior model
– Added 3 new 4×2 chassis
– New dashboard
– Reworked retarder indicator
– Added new indicators (AdBlue,liftable axle,”stop” and “warning”)
– New tanks
– Bumper stickers with countrynames
– Reworked headlights
– Added mudflaps and wheel choks
– Sideskirts with chrome stripes
– Reworked rear wings

and many other fixes


Authors: Andrey Kamenev Base model: SCS Software


15 thoughts on “Renault Premium v 1.2

  1. jeyjey-16

    Thank you man!

  2. jeyjey-16

    That’s not a fake mod… He is working well

  3. Full HD Review 1080p:

    I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

  4. MakinDamage

    Cool mod very good.But make it like on the real Renault Premium.The RPM indicator the green only must be on when the arrow leave the green sector of RPM the green light must come off the the yellow is on and then when the arrow goes in the red sector the yellow light must switch off.

    1. A_Kamenev

      Do you make a video how it work?

      1. MakinDamage here is one by my country man bulgarian note:almost all the time on the video the retarder is on 🙂

  5. Andrey, it’s a New Years Gift for me) I like Renault Premium. Your is great. But sound, I think , it must be reworked, by real ) THX a lot!

  6. Where can i find the wheel pack you’re using?

  7. Interior fov is horrible, can’t drive like that

  8. thanks+for+the+work…+but+you+can+add+sideskirts+for+the+6x+chassis?

  9. i hope you will make update, because it was the best premium mod !

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