Renault Radiance BETA v 1.2


Here is this truck futuristic version BETA

-Replaces a slot in the big Renault dealer
– A cabin available
– Only 4×2-chassis available
– 3 To 520 hp engines 440CV
– Interior original Magnum
– Paintable (not recommended to do it)
– Tuning can (many accessories in the wrong position)
– Rear lights not working
– Mirrors are not present

Changelog v 1.2:
– Fixed bug in the purchase of truck dealers in large
– Fixed the impacts of truck
– Taillights now operational
– Added two white lights at the top of the cab
– Added GPS to the interior

Authors: ETS2MOD, 98andrea98


6 thoughts on “Renault Radiance BETA v 1.2

  1. cant see the point in all your just driving a magnum
    with a other body onit

  2. User I Republic of Korea.

    update scania vehicles Trouble? …

  3. I hate renult, but this body-kit makes it 10 times worse.

  4. Nice truck and when comes out new version of truck with new eniness and chassis or something else

  5. Bernardo Nieuwkoop

    do u have a skin template for me of this truck,
    can u send it to [email protected] thank you

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