Renault Range T Addons

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The RANGE T is here, and I couldn’t resist messing with it.
So here’s a quick mod – that contains slots for Roof & Bottom.

*PS;This mod is for SCS Range T only!
*PS;[/color] [b]Roof slots are for HIGH CABIN only! – LowCabin slots will be in the next version.

27/09/19 – V1 RELEASED!;
-High Cabin roof slots.
-Bottom slots.
-High Cabin front inlay slots.


This mod was made quickly, slots aren’t fully tested.
If there’s any bugs please write bellow!

Please respect the original link



6 thoughts on “Renault Range T Addons

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  3. Thank you, Umri20, for your Mod. Works perfect until now. 5*

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Add some Orange & Yellow lights & the truck look’s better ^^

    ( Don’t work with all trucks 😀 )

  5. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.35…

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

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