Renault Range T sound mod for ETS2. used kriechbaum´s soundfiles from his Renault T sound and built my own sound mod out of them. That means I haven´t used his finished soundbanks, but instead made my own ones and only used his samples, so the mixing and balancing of the samples is own work. I think the result is pretty good, at least better than the stock SCS sound xD
The sound mod includes two engine sounds: one for the DTI 11 engines and one for the DTI 13 engines. All interior sounds are included too.
The whole feature list:

sound mod completely built myself, but with the use of Kriechbaum´s sound samples
different engine sounds for the DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines
all realistic stick and switch sounds recorded by Kriechbaum and added myself into the sound
real air-gear sounds
real low-air-warning sound
real blinker sounds
real wiper sounds

Kriechbaum, Max2712


5 thoughts on “RENAULT RANGE T SOUND MOD BY MAX2712 V1.0

  1. Have you an youtube link were we can hear it before download it

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      Yes he is on Youtube. Max2712 search for it and you will find it. But i have to say its based on Kriechbaum Sound so i would download without Video because it is from Max and i know his good Sound but still, he made a Video to this Sound on Youtube.

  2. gertrucker

    Hello Max, please check your mod again. The turn signal sound inside does not work with the mod anymore. Other mods are not used. It can not be because of that.

  3. AlexBrutain

    It’S OK

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