Renault sound Open Pipie


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Open Pipie



6 thoughts on “Renault sound Open Pipie

  1. joe_alker

    Lol, just kriechbaums v8 scania sound.

  2. I like the sound bro your the one who really make the first sound mod of renault premium thanks for sharing this mod hope u made a another one .:-):-):-)!!!

  3. fsxdude04

    this is not your mod! it is stolen!!!!!!! you only get credits if you MAKE a mod!!!! this is why I do not upload my trailer skins and truck skins because I know that Renault driving scumbags like you will steal them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LazMohawk

    This sounds wrong to a Renault :-/ More a Scania sound. No thanks to that !

  5. GhostRunner

    a new mod stolen by the band Madcon, you’re just trying to make you ridiculous

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