Renault T Improved Engine Sound v1.0

The modification changed Renault T engine sound from Kriechabaum (Volvo FH5).

Kriechabaum, KnightRider, SCS


One thought on “Renault T Improved Engine Sound v1.0

  1. adi2003de

    Why do you have 3 Soundmods inside .. so if you only use one of them? Senseless!

    You have inside … the volvo Fh5 d13_ tk and the d13k and the Volvo Vnl_2018
    but on engine you only use in the sound.sui d13_tk …

    Ahh i see … you use for THE ENGINE SOUND a Change of the Interior Sound on the volvo_vnl and for the Horn the last Soundmod…

    People like you, are the Reason, why Modder end to work for the Whole Community!

    When you make a Engine Sound mod. Make a Engine Sound mod.

    If you make more Changes descripe them! OR SHUT UP TO MAKE UGLY MODS!

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