Renault T Light Improvements v 1.3 (06.10.19)

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Welcome to my Renault Range T Light Improvements v.1.3

What is Light Improvement? It adds Roof Slots, Bumper Slots, Rear Fender Slots, Extended Sunshields, and diffrent Bars. Works on both cabins. Read changelog for new parts.

Changelog v.1.3

5000 Downloads of v.1.2 in less then 1 week make me very happy thank you all!
So here is v.1.3 with more new stuff. Lowered chassis is now a part of this mod.
since the vanilla height was way to high. I found a balance for the height so dont
use the lowered chassi mod anymore it was bad made by me.

Added ui icons
Chassi height has ben adjusted to a normal level. (No curved look anymore with trailer attached)
Hook has been set a bit forward to reduce the space between cabin and trailer.
Added hookup for Hella Lollipops by Powerkasi.
Fixed rear fenders to their correct position so no more trailer kissing to the fenders.
Flare points removed from the sideskirtbars.
Added missing interior side curtains.
Moved airtank on all chassis for the custom bumper.
Rescaled sideskirtbar on 4×2
Added 5 extra slots on the Lightbox
Adjusted Numberplate brightness dosnt shine anymore.

New parts added:
FH4 Lip extended Paint/Black/Plastic
Mudflap as accessory
8 front grill slots (Bullbar Slot)
Closed stoneguard Paint/Black Interior/Exterior (Windowframe Slot)
Slots whit roofmarkers
4 airco’s Paint/Stock
Interior panel for airco’s (ToyBig Slot)
Spoiler slots for sleeper cab
Double rearmudflaps for 4×2
Double extented rearmudflaps for 4×2
Standard extended rearmudflaps for 4×2
Extended rearmudflaps for 6×2/6×4/6×24
Open rearfender cover variant for tag axles
Custom bumper for all chassis Paint/Black
Double rearlights for 6×2/6×4/6×24
Custom Skin2 (Thanks to Koenigszapfen who made it)

If you use any mod which overwrites the chassi of mine mod you cant use the custom bumper anymore.
If you use any mod which overwrites the interior model, the interior model from the stoneguard is gone.
Same happens for the side curtains.

Tested under latest patch error free log.

Have fun! -Gloover

Publishing edited mod without my permission is FORBIDDEN!

Gloover, SCS


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25 thoughts on “Renault T Light Improvements v 1.3 (06.10.19)

  1. Thanks for update 🙂

    1. lukas lukas

      Kriistof, upload renault range t dynamic blinker? thanks.

  2. Glover, you’re crazy – so many nice extensions for the truck – just awesome.
    Thank you for your work!

  3. Thank you Glover for your Work for the Community. 5*

  4. GermanETS2Driver

    Best Mod for Range T! Awesome work @Gloover thank you very much

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  7. Gloover, kleine Wunschliste weil ich (?) aus dem Forum gebannt wurde: Könntest Du die Plastikparts unter der Windschutzscheibe und über der Tür lackierbar machen? Und vielleicht einen “bösen Blick”? Vielen Dank auf jeden Fall für Deine tolle Arbeit! Legendär!!!

    Gloover, small wish list because I was banned (?) From the forum: Could you make the plastic parts under the windshield and paint over the door? And maybe a “bad look”? Thank you for your great work! Legendary!!!

  8. Kann mir jemand erklären, wie und wo ich die Datein entpacken, bzw. kopieren soll. Normale Dateien kommen ja in den Mod Ordner, aber bei diesen weiß ich nicht wie ich sie handhaben soll.

    1. Ganz einfach:
      Einfach in den Modordner einzufügen und dann aktivieren.
      That´s it. 😉

      1. Ohne zu entpacken?

        1. GermanETS2Driver

          Zip und SCS Datein funktionieren so nur RAR Dateien müssen entpackt werden.

          1. Danke German

  9. Hello guys, I appeal to you. that you all got this Renault T? Enough of these mods for this truck! After all, there are many other trucks, for example, the Mercedes Actros MP5 did not before do a salon with tablets. Volvo fh16 is a good machine, why not add some tuning. atoms closed on this Renault T.

    1. Why this Comment?
      – MP5 = buy the DLC
      – Volvo = Pendragon or Eugene in SCS Forum

      Otherwise use the Search-Functions.
      You cannot forbid to make Mods for new Trucks. 🙁

      1. Русик

        Yes I and not against mods but Renault T. But I to what am leading to and about other types of tractors not forget. here is suppose mirrors on Mercedes did so and not until did,and why-would not do an updated MP5. well itd I here about what

    2. GermanETS2Driver

      Did you activate your Brain befor writing your message??? I dont think so. In German wie say “Neidisch” because it look like you are a Renault hater so stop writing bullsh*t and dont download this great Mod pls! Or try to make a Volvo Tuning Mod, we wait for your Mod good luck…

    3. Its a new truck , normal it get more attention !
      And its a cool truck too , Renault is normally not so popular , but range T is just #### as fu…. 😉

  10. I downloaded the mod, but I don’t have rear lights, why? Are they included in the mod? Our I need another mod of lights?

  11. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  12. Great mod , make’s that truck look even more #### ! Good job and thank you !

  13. Nice mod,but rear lights mising…

  14. Hey Man !

    Great mod. Just a quick one, in your next update could you please look at the slots on the rear of the cab, on the right hand side they seem to not be lined up with the left and sit a little lower down. Also on the left side near the top one of them seems to be floating off the truck.

    Still, amazing work that you have done, much respect ?

  15. lukas lukas

    Gloover, ulpoad renault range t dynamic blinker? thanks 😉

  16. Quick Fix for the Fenders on patchday 09.10.19

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