Renault T Range DTi11 & 13 sound mod 2.1

Very good news, i was able to record a Renault T Range with a DTi13 480 engine.
I already did the engine sound mod and it sounds great !
So we don’t need the D13K Volvo anymore.
I have also improved a bit the DTi11, added all the interior accessories and the air gears/brakes sounds.
I just forgot to record the windows sounds but i’ll do it later ;))
I hope you’ll like it.
The first part of the video is with the DTi13, then at 6:39 minutes i switch to the DTi11 engine.
I’ve also added its air horn.

This sound mod works on 1.39 and 1.40 patch.



4 thoughts on “Renault T Range DTi11 & 13 sound mod 2.1

  1. Thanks Kriechbaum !!

  2. Kierownik

    Nice sound only when you drive you can’t hear it in the cabin


    @Kierownik pump up the volume from in game settings/sound/engine sound, or you can open the window

    1. Kierownik

      The window I open is also quiet as the setting in the game is too loud it will be too loud

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