Repair in fuel stations and rest places


Author: Luan Guerreiro


8 thoughts on “Repair in fuel stations and rest places

  1. can you tell me why this does not work on the 1.1.1 and the 1.2.5 ive tried it on both and so as my brother my nephew and my dad please try these thing b4 you put them on 4 other people 2 download

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      You do realize that you’re responding to a comment from over 12 months ago, right?

      1. that was from last month, where 1.8 was available -.-

  2. i apologize i have found them but they are only at the small fuel stations like uk and esso but they are not at the big stations

  3. Good idea.
    I didn’t test it jet, but if it is on every gas station that is COOL!
    If it is not, why not?

    I will test it and comment after once more.

  4. I can’t upgrade/Paint my truck anymore your mod makes my game crash. I disabled it but it’s still doing it……..what the hell man I worked my ### off to be a lv 30 elite scania driver

  5. Luan Guerreiro,please put this work of most of gas station

  6. are you a ###### dumass, this is for 1.8 -_-

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