Republic of Aloma

-Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: n.mbd
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “Dlc Metallics” and “Dlc Metallics2”.
REQUEST: When placing the mod for other resources to preserve the author’s link!



12 Responses to Republic of Aloma

  1. aretei says:

    You can download more here:

  2. germinus says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing an in game map pic of this or maybe a short youtube.

  3. Lemmy says:

    Very nice map! Thanks.

    • aretei says:


  4. aliando says:

    work for version?

  5. yanred says:

    que versión pinches dejen informacion completa

  6. yanred says:

    es para la 1.30 ets2 ya que tanto probar averigüe eso deben postear los autores facilitando la informacion

  7. genilson gasparetto says:

    funciona so com novo perfil

  8. genilson gasparetto says:

    so funciona em um novo perfil

  9. ilker says:

    Jant modu ne ?

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