Reshade 2.0 v1.1


UPDATED(20/09.16): Version 1.1
– Produced fine adjustments, according to the wishes,
– Focus on optimization of the FPS, and color correction.
Active effects:
– Lumasharpen
– Gaussin Blur
– Ambient Light
– Chromatic Aberration

Reshade 2.0 – graphical add-in that handles the after-effects Directx 9.0
Try new Reshade 2.0, c-configured presets from Syntman,
and he will delight you with new sensations and rich colors.

Balanced setting specifically for ETS 2:
– Chromatic aberration and effect “Yuka” add enhanced color palette
– Toning for Reinhard, a sense of realistic materials.
– Adaptation of light under the diurnal range.
– In the present deep dark night.
– Circumferential lighting and illumination.
– Increased sharpness of objects
– Rich colors and rich colors.
– The effect of “Lens” from the light sources.
– Fast smoothing FXAA.
– Debanding, “smoothing color ladders.”
– All that “includes”, then what has been hidden from your eyes !!!
The keys of the game:
F12 – On and off Reshade 2.0 Effects (See the difference)
PrnScr – take a screenshot of the directory where eurotrucks2.exe runs and where there is Reshade, files in png format.
Game Version: create by 1.25. But it does not matter, because graphics processing takes place in the final after-effects DirectX conveyor processing phase. Therefore, it should work under all versions.
Setup and configuration:
1. Unpack the archive and copy the appropriate directories,
to d3d9.dll located in the same directory with eurotrucks2.exe
2. After that, the game must be switched off in the menu:
– Anti-aliasing (MLAA)
– High dynamic range (HDR) * ATTENTION THIS IS IMPORTANT !!! *



8 thoughts on “Reshade 2.0 v1.1

  1. Still work with 1.24 ?

  2. Tryed+it+and……Too+many+fx+it+Hurt’s+my+eye’s……Gone+back+to+my+own+sweetfx+settings.


  4. Piratxxx11

    Work, but…….tooo unrealistic… 😉

  5. i am unpacking to x64 folder and it just doesnt work.

    1. I like you’re pictures…..please can you do a picture of you’re sweetfx settings.

  6. Solaris36

    Tiene virus CUIDADO PIC:

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