Reshade Preset For ETS2 using Naturalux by mc2rok v 0.2

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Its a little reshade i made especially for Naturalux users.
Less saturation and better colors i think.
I will work on it to make it better.
Its my first try additionally using Great “Naturalux”.

Install reshade dx11 and automatically download
Liftgammagain and Technicolors 1 & 2.
My preset should be in the Win_x64 folder.
Choose my preset and your done.



7 thoughts on “Reshade Preset For ETS2 using Naturalux by mc2rok v 0.2

  1. When I look at the before and after picture then I prefer the before picture because the sky and clouds looks more realistic.

    1. i will make it better

    2. Holy shttt.. we have a same tought ?

  2. HeinzKätschab

    Before look much better

  3. A Thompson


  4. president10

    @by mc2rok the graphics modes you’ve done are great, and I believe that future versions will do better.

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