ReShade v3.0.1


Added in-game GUI and tutorial
Added preset file loading and saving
Added support for loading multiple effect files
Added support for blocking game input when the GUI is focused
Added platform information to initial version log entry
Added “mousebutton” source for uniform variables
Added theoretical support for the mouse wheel and additional mouse buttons
Added “ClearRenderTargets” pass state
Added support for unicode filesystem paths throughout ReShade
Added configuration file to save commen settings
Added “SetCursorPos” hook to allow free cursor movement when inside GUI for games using it
Added support for “#pragma once” in shader files
Added support for modifier keys to GUI and screenshot key shortcuts
Added various GUI related uniform variable annotations
Added performance mode which converts all uniform variables to constants
Added parser error when encountering more than one statement in a switch case body
Added parser error message if a variable is both “uniform” and “const”
Added parser syntax error when encountering an initializer on a variable with semantic
Added warning message on implicit vector truncation in function calls
Added deprecation warning for type tokens on annotations
Added error message if D3DCompiler is not installed
Added support for mouse buttons to toggle techniques
Added customizable option to display FPS on screen at all times
Added thread synchronization to window message handling
Lowered FPS display precision
Forced usage of DXGI 1.1 and D3D 10.1 instead of allowing older versions
Increased number of texture slots restored by OpenGL stateblock
Improved performance
Changed “tex2Dfetch” intrinsic to take a level-of-detail argument
Changed input management to hook “Get/PeekMessage” rather than using “SetWindowsHookEx”
Updated all dependencies
Disabled HLSL compiler warning 3571
Fixed “Print Screen” key state not being registered correctly
Fixed lexer failing to parse numbers that are too big for floating point storage
Fixed lexer failing to parse floating point numbers with exponent
Fixed OpenGL uniform buffer layout
Fixed texture data upload for “R8” and “RG8” format on Direct3D10+
Fixed raw input capture and blocking
Fixed duplicate input if raw input is enabled without RIDEV_NOLEGACY set
Fixed crash if effect parser encounters a “switch” statement with a default case
Fixed crash on WM_INPUT message if target window registration was missed
Fixed OpenGL renderer calling hooked OpenGL functions rather than the original ones
Fixed buffer overflow in OpenGL texture update
Fixed missing error messages after internal shader compilation failed
Fixed missing error message when encountering mistake while parsing annotations
Fixed shader stage incompatibilities in Direct3D 10/11 when resolving backbuffer but not rendering any effects
Fixed invalid type in unary expressions after constant folding
Fixed bitwise operations returning wrong results in Direct3D 9 effect code
Fixed texture registers exceeding fast on Direct3D 10 and 11 due to multiple occurances of the same object
Fixed duplicate state changes in OpenGL renderer
Fixed “Alt” key state not being updated after leaving the window via “Alt + Tab”
Fixed crash if using SRGB view on special texture reference on Direct3D 10 and 11
Fixed mouse cursor being restricted by clip rectangle by resetting it as long as game input is blocked
Fixed black screen in OpenGL games using “glClipControl” to change clipping behavior
Fixed OpenGL sRGB issues due to GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB affecting glBlitFramebuffer
Fixed silent OpenGL error when capturing frame
Fixed OpenGL renderer not copying frame buffer if a scissor rectangle was defined
Fixed “tex2Dgatheroffset” intrinsic causing compiler error in Direct3D 10 and 11
Removed trace logging (now logs more detailed by default)
Removed all depth related pass states
Removed built-in Direct3D 8 to 9 wrapper (use d3d8to9 or dgVoodoo2 instead)/li]

Added pre-processor macro “__RESHADE_PERFORMANCE_MODE__” to get performance mode status
Added filter edit box to technique list in GUI
Added frame time in milliseconds to FPS display
Fixed OpenGL renderer not converting linear to sRGB color space when rendering to back buffer


1) Launch application
2) Select application ets2 from steam/steamapps/common/ETS2/bin and choose win_x86 or win_x64
3) Choose Direct3D 9
4) Download standard effect-click yes
5) Launch game and press Shift+F2 , click “+”and tap “shader” select an option from the “shader” that you want.

Credits:, Crosire, Deepy


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