Reverse Cam (Scania RS & T by RJL)


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Small (fun) accessory if you can’t see the left mirror properly 😉

It’s only for Scania RS & Scania T by RJL and you need the Cabin Accessories DLC.

Author: Navix


38 thoughts on “Reverse Cam (Scania RS & T by RJL)

  1. Shigure89

    Oh my, now that’s something really come in handy. Thanks very much!

  2. gokussaiyan3

    will it work for american trucks?

  3. Maximka.L

    ###!!! AmaZing!

  4. Can you make this for all default trucks? 😀

    1. That was just a test 😉
      Maybe I’ll do it later for other trucks, especially for american trucks because of the barely visible left mirror.

  5. AnsweredFern56

    can you please do it so you do not need cab acc dlc? Please Whould be Amazing 😀

  6. AnsweredFern56

    Can you please do this non-cabin accesorie? that would be awesome!

  7. erm.. the idea is good, but, just one tiny problem. the view your getting in that screen is a smaller image than what you see in your mirrors rofl, so it’s useless. It needs to show whats behind of the trailer and not what you already see in the side mirror 😀

    1. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. You can use only the six mirrors of the standard game. But I think for american trucks it could be useful.

      1. Indeed, this idea is, (and will be), useful, only for those trucks where the mirrors are not visible, in particular, the left one. For the rest of the trucks, the mirrors are better than this reverse cam.

  8. It has to be like in this video and go to 9:59 and then watch when he sets his car in reverse. Thats the view point needed in truck, tho, it should be from trailer.

    1. I know what you mean. But once again … that does not work with the game engine. Only the materials from the six internal mirrors you can use for that 😉

      1. oh ok, sad tho.

  9. What a mod on real clocks ?

  10. I would prefer to adopt a legally mirror. it can not be ?

  11. dont work in rjl truck for me 🙁

  12. Link for this Scania?

    1. Thank you for the full set!

  13. MarshallSantini

    I like it! Its very useful! Unfortunately for me, I would need one to show the right side, since the driver side mirror is big enough. Do you plan on releasing another version for the passenger side?

  14. can you also make one so i can replace front miror for cam?

    1. Edit the entry in “gps1_1_gps.mat” from “close_s_mirror_reflection.tobj” to “front_mirror_reflection.tobj”

      1. MarshallSantini

        What would be the code for the right side mirror?

        1. “far_s_mirror_reflection”

          1. Swedish Warrior

            When i Change the mat File for Right Mirror i have a Freeze Frame when i look to the Right Mirror it Works ….. when i change for Front Mirror i have Game Crash

          2. when I input “far_s_mirror_reflection.tobj” for the right mirror in the MAT file it works only if I angle the camera to check both the camera screen and the right mirror otherwise i get a frozen image.

      2. how do you “flip” specularly the texture? Otherwise when i change the mat File for Front Mirror, i get an upside down effect

        1. Brausetablette

          Now you have not a Freeze Frame.
          For me it works with the right Mirror

  15. This is not a reverse cam. It’s just side mirror in the gps. Lol, nice advertisement 🙂 Don’t get me wring, thank you, at least you tried.

    1. Look up in the comments. There I had written why it can not work otherwise. I use it for the Kenworth T800 as an alternative for the left mirror 8)

      1. Would be great if you’ve done it for the right mirror as well, or even both.
        Thanks in advance.

  16. mafiozos1968

    Nice mod. Contibutes to reality!!!
    Thanks for sharing, but how can we change the view to the right mirror? ( for me it’s more useful…)

  17. Swedish Warrior

    One Question can you make maybe a Version with Frontcam ?

  18. Cara muito bom!! mas pra mim seria melhor se essa camera fosse pra ver o lado direito do caminhão e não esquerdo, assim não precisaria usar o espelho do jogo pra ver os carros e caminhões que estão do lado direito do caminhão. Creio que está seria uma proposta boa.

  19. Hello. You can do it right-side mirror is also a separate display? Put it next to the left side of the display.


    Reverse Cam (Scania RS & T by RJL) Excuse me, I have changed the other car, then I ask it can release it?


    May I ask if I can change it myself? Please reply me if you can

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