Reworked Actros MP3 Sound

This is a reworked version of the SCS Actros MP3 Sound.

– More realistic interior/exterior sound
– Better bass
– New air brake sound
– New gear change sound

I recommend you to use headphones for a better experience.
If you have good sounds I can convert to ETS2, leave a comment.



11 thoughts on “Reworked Actros MP3 Sound

  1. Dear PoolZ_NS, it’s working 1.27-1.28?

    1. Tested on 1.27

  2. mstfcbngl


  3. 1.28 dont work

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    Test 1.28 car scs and silence no sound

    1. Like I wrote, I tested it on 1.27 and it works. I don´t know what they have changed based on the sound in 1.28.

      I still haven´t installed the patch.

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    Thank you for answer, i do not know what they changed1.28

    1. Post your Logfile pls, maybe I can find the changes.

  6. Doesn´t work on 1.27…

  7. Don´t work on 1.27…

    1. Logfile!

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