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Reworked Scania R1000 [1.28]

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I am reworked this Mod with various other Parts from me, but most Parts from other modders.
I want create a Truck with more Tuning possibility and different look.
I set the addon parts from dlc mighty griffin in correct position.
The models are NOT converted in the new PMD files, so there are many ERRORS in the log file, but it works in 1.28xx without
Truck has a own Physik, it is not realistic, but I like, when the Truck is bouncing. If you dont like it, you can use another
There are 3 files in rar, you need 2 if you want use all Parts, the 3rd is hotfix for SISL`s Cabin Accessories, you need it if you
have the mod from SISL to use all parts. The fix must be above from SISL mod.
For the videos in the interior, it is better you use a brighter Truckcolour.
Truck has a own sound, but only for the dc16 series. If you want use the 1000hp engine, you must buy an another engine dc16 730 for
example and start the engine and then buy the 1000hp engine. Otherwise there is stock sound. I dont no why.

Dashboard Piva
Interior and other Parts Zeeuwse Trucker, Afrosmiu, Geovane Rocha, JR65, 50keeda, TEAM B3DP, jeyjey-16, SISL, Anatoliy7469, Blade1974,
Sound Kriechbaum, Alexa Swift
Swheel anim indian56
and ETS2MOD of course the owners of these awesome Truck.

I hope, I listed all modders.
Sorry for my poor english it is not my native language and hope you understand what i wrote.
Have fun

Changelog 1.2 | by r2rule

•Hotfix for SISL`s Cabin Accessories
•reduced reflection of glasses in the interior
•deleted UK cabins and two parts of Mighty Griffin DLC they didnt work 100%
•small bugfixes
•more choises for swheel with and without turkish flag
•more choises for interior without accessories
•more choises for interior backlight
•more choises for paints backside of the truck
•you can use smalllights on the roofgrill

Der Truck hat einen eigenen Sound aber nur für die Motoren der dc16 Serie. Falls ihr den 1000 PS Motor benutzen wollt, dann müßt ihr
zuerst irgendeinen Motor der dc16 Serie kaufen. Erst danach in die Werkstatt fahren und den 1000 PS Motor kaufen, ansonsten habt ihr
nur den Standartsound, ich weiß nicht wieso.

Es sind 3 Datein in der RAR, 2 braucht ihr unbedingt, wenn ihr alle Anbauteile nutzen wollt, die dritte ist ein Hotfix, falls ihr SISL`s
Cabin Accessories Mod habt. Die Hotfix muß natürlich über der SISL Mod sein sonst bringt sie nichts.

Changelog 1.2 | by r2rule
•Hotfix für SISL`s Cabin Accessories
•Kabinen für UK und 2 Anbauteile vom Mighty Griffin DLC wurden gelöscht, diese paßten nicht besonders
•kleinere Fehler behoben (z.B. ist das R1000 Logo jetzt bei der Chromversion zu sehen)
•Reflektionen an den Scheiben im Interior und Dashboard usw. wurden reduziert
•mehr Auswahl bei den Lenkrädern mit und ohne türkische Flagge
•mehr Auswahl beim Interior, ohne zusätzlichen schnickschnack für Fahrer die einen aufgeräumten und übersichtlichen Fahrerhaus bevorzugen
•mehr Auswahl bei den LED Schildern im Interior
•mehr Auswahl bei Lackierungen auf der Rückseite des Trucks
•man kann LEDs am Lampenbügel anbringen

Aracin kendine özgün motorsesi var, fakat bunlar sadece dc16 serisi motorlar icin gecerlidir, sayet 1000 beygiri kullanmak istiyorsaniz,
önce herhangi bir dc16 motoru satin alip, tamirhaneye gitmeniz gerekiyor ve ondan sonra 1000 beygirli motoru satin almaniz lazim. Aksi
takdirde orjinal ses aktiflesiyor, cözüm bulamadim.

RAR da 3 SCS dosyasi var, bütün parcalari kullunmak istiyorsaniz 2 dosya sart, ücüncüsü SISL Cabin Aksesuari modu varsa lazim ve bu takdirde
benim dosyayi SISL in modu üzerinde olmasi lazim.

1.2 de degisenler | by r2rule
•SISL in Kabin Aksesuari ile tam uyumluluk
•Ingiltere kabinleri ve Mighty Griffin DLC sinden 2 parcayi sildim tam uyumlu degildiler
•ic camlarda ve navigasyonda vs. parlaklik azaltildi
•kücük birtakim hatalar düzeltildi
•direksiyonlarda cesitlemeler artirildi, Türk bayrakli veya bayraksiz
•interiorlarda cesitlendirildi daha dogrusu aksesuarsiz secme imkani oldu
•interiorun arka kismindaki levhalar artirildi
•aracin arkasindaki resimler artirildi
•aracin üst kismina kücük lambalar takilabiliniyor



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19 Responses to Reworked Scania R1000 [1.28]

  1. stewowe says:

    nice work without template. thanks disinterest.

  2. yunus says:

    senin yapacağın modun ben taaa içini orijinal yap bare ben sevmiyorum böyle

  3. Jacob de Vries says:

    wowww nice job mate
    But can you maybe make a template for this truck ???
    grtz Jacob from Holland

  4. PolishdriverTrucker says:


  5. bonsaier says:

    hi bitte den scania an fleming seine chassys anpassen ,wäre super wenn du das hin bekommen würdest

  6. wade says:

    the truck is ok but the interior is crap cant remove stuff that doenst need to be there all in all -10 on this truck mod

  7. Marius says:

    Hey you cant make this mod compatibel with vabis stering wheel? And posible to change mudlaps in rear end? 🙂

  8. Mrkillmil says:

    The interior is beautiful but it’s too heavy because of the TV’s
    you can not do an update and remove them or leave it as optional?

  9. Martin says:

    how to fix floating steering wheel and invisible driver in others trucks when this mod enabled?

  10. Eddis says:

    Hi, can you make it work for 1.30xx version, please?

  11. magnus says:

    i tryed this truck and it looks awesome,
    i could just fix it in the garage but never buy it, bcs my game crached out when i try to buy it
    and when i had your mod for this truck in my Active mods it get negative on all other trucks to drive them, they was all bumpy and jumping around like it was no damper chocks on it and breake was useles on all trucks, so i had to take it away from Active modsit would be awesome if you could fix the last things on it so i can buy it and so i can drive the other ones whitout any problems.
    but i saw 1 thing more i have search for but not find, and it was when i start other truck the steering Wheel come against you to driver position, and when you turn off the truck the steering Wheel moves forward again,
    please can you do a mod just for this who works with all Scanias
    i Think this mod was in your Scania r1000, bcs when i took away Scania r 1000 i lost this steeringwheel thing

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