Rho Log Tandem Skin v2 Second Edition

Hello there. Let me present you an another tandem skin, this skin being derivated from Rhodee Logistics v 2 Tandem Skin http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1192704876 . This skin has all the proprieties of the previous one. That being said subscribe,enjoy and rate (maybe). Cheers!

Flemming. V. tyb33rk (aka Vandall RTR)


3 thoughts on “Rho Log Tandem Skin v2 Second Edition

  1. николай

    сделайте тандем кожу на новые скания версия 1 30

  2. what is truck mod?

  3. Vandall RTR

    Works on 1.30 and you will need The BDF Devil Tandem Truck Pack from Flemming V. in order to use this skin.

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