RHP v 0.3

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RHP v.0.3 for ETS 2
– The full name of the mod is “Real Hard Parking”. Addition complicates parking a trailer on the base. Recycled with consideration of DLS: “Special Transport”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “High Power Cargo Pack”, “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France”, “Italia”
Now the territory of the Companies is not an “airfield” where you can deploy the aircraft … In some Companies, sometimes it will be impossible to park according to the Rating because A truck or trailer may be in the way. However if become overnight, then in the morning the situation may change!

– The “RHP” mod is compatible with the “Animated Gates in Companies v 3.0” mod by Schumi

– Information on the development of fashion:

I master the modernization of territories gradually and I will periodically post updates. Previous versions of the mod affected the entire map, since this version of the mod makes changes only in the bases.
Missing DLS cards will be recycled as they are purchased. When all bases are captured, the mod will wear v.1.0 index.

– Errors:
If you find errors, please write to me in a personal, Steam or electronic (preferred language of communication is Russian or English). Major errors can be with collisions (objects pass through) and non-standard trailers (iz-for large dimensions, it may be difficult to enter or leave the territory), because All measurements were made by eye and with the help of the Editor line.

Current Steam version 1.34

Special thanks for the help in implementing the new version of the Schumi mod

It is forbidden to spread on truck-sim.club

If you liked the addition, you can support the idea financially.
Yandex.Money Wallet: 410011362754342
WebMoney: Z506212235871; E295004615366; R237127917407

SCS Software, Holodok, Schumi


9 thoughts on “RHP v 0.3

  1. Good idea but is it compatible with Company Addon of Schumi? Thanks

    1. This mod with the Company Addon of Schumi mod is compatible, but there is a possibility that if both mods are included, then on some bases the models may overlap one another.

  2. Your video should have shown delivery, not pick up

    1. My video shows the maneuvering of the truck on the territory of the base. After all, the point is that you need to either call in to the place of unloading, or leave loaded with the territory of the base.

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

    1. thank =)

  4. Good i have test today and good mod thanks 😉


    1. This is just the beginning. Work continues =)

  5. Geht+dieser+Mod+auch+auf+den+ProMods?

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