RHP v 0.6b (Fix for “Real Hard Parking” mod by Holodok)

Final fix to the main mod RHP v 0.6 by Holodok. You can find it at the link below:

The fixed mod includes missing textures for static objects in the territories of default companies. List of detected and fixed errors:
– parked trailers in ITCC, NBFC, & etc.
– parked cars in Lisette Logistics.
– parked tractors in eAcress.
– parked excavators in PolarLines, Quarry & etc.
– parked big trucks in Quarry.

The mod is compatible with the ProMods 2.43 map!, and possibly with others maps too.

SCS Software, Holodok, Schumi, Alexx_Os


5 thoughts on “RHP v 0.6b (Fix for “Real Hard Parking” mod by Holodok)

  1. Tekteker Haydar

    Thank you.

  2. d_efremov

    Ikea в Kalmar нет текстур припаркованых авто.

  3. RussianKalbasa


  4. Test video 1.37

  5. thanks

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