RHP v 0.6b (Fix for “Real Hard Parking” mod by Holodok)

Final fix to the main mod RHP v 0.6 by Holodok. You can find it at the link below:

The fixed mod includes missing textures for static objects in the territories of default companies. List of detected and fixed errors:
– parked trailers in ITCC, NBFC, & etc.
– parked cars in Lisette Logistics.
– parked tractors in eAcress.
– parked excavators in PolarLines, Quarry & etc.
– parked big trucks in Quarry.

The mod is compatible with the ProMods 2.43 map!, and possibly with others maps too.

SCS Software, Holodok, Schumi, Alexx_Os


6 thoughts on “RHP v 0.6b (Fix for “Real Hard Parking” mod by Holodok)

  1. Tekteker Haydar

    Thank you.

  2. d_efremov

    Ikea в Kalmar нет текстур припаркованых авто.

  3. RussianKalbasa


  4. Test video 1.37

  5. thanks

  6. chumi,can you please update Hard Parking mod? It is really nice and gives the game more IRL feel.


    And could you alter Hard Parking for ATS?

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