Ritomex HD Graphics

HD-Graphics-1 HD-Graphics-3 HD-Graphics-2

– HD graphics mod
– Tested on newest version
– Works perfectly
– Very nice looking air condition
– Sunshine and sundown looks like real
– Improved rain possibility and realness

Author: Ritomex


12 Responses to Ritomex HD Graphics

  1. ets2modtester says:

    how to add it the game?

  2. optimus says:

    error pack

  3. Metaltom68 says:

    Error !!!!!!! no Archive or defekt

  4. Ata5ll says:

    Rar is broken

  5. Arnold Bekon says:

    Mate! Please fix it! It’s great mod, but the bug making it useless!

  6. dar4eto says:

    fake as usual -.-

  7. Lanker says:

    Sadly its fake, because it looks fantastic on screens…

  8. toti says:

    Please what’s kind of map you’re play with?And pls send to me the url of this map

  9. MrDreamSky says:

    The Rar is corrupt

  10. Darsh71 says:

    archive rar corrompue

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