RJL’s Scania T Accessories v 1.1

RJL's-Scania-T-Accessories-v-1.1-1 RJL's-Scania-T-Accessories-v-1.1-2

– Kelsa bars for sideskirts, roof grill, front grill, bottom grill
– Numerous LED lights and blinkers
– Burger lights
– Edited version of the Scania T lightbox
– Edited version of the “SUPER” logo
– Side lollypop positioners and blinkers
– New versions of the 50 keda sunshields with extra lights
– 50keda’s lightboxes wont be available anymore

Version 1.1:
– Solved led color malfunction
– Solved V8K Blaine sunshield compatibility problem
– AI lights aren’t included anymore
– Added missing textures

Authors: RJL, 50keda, k4k4k4, Maxx2504, Mole


14 Responses to RJL’s Scania T Accessories v 1.1

  1. Swedish-Power says:

    is that Only for Scania T or Another Trucks Scania R
    Scania Streamline ?

  2. Orlando says:

    Can we get the sunvisor for a Scania R ? Searching it for so long now ….

    Be very greatfull(y)

    • Adamisch says:

      Have tried to find it too but I think it is in one of the Mega Store mods out there

  3. Haderajan says:

    add curtins tabel coffie mashin and stuff?

  4. Epsilon04 says:

    Nice mod ! Thanks you :]

  5. MirmoZibang says:

    Is there any issue/conflict with the original 50k addons mod ? Because I already use the original mod by 50k …

  6. HL says:


  7. ZatoxDK says:

    The link is broken 🙂 we need a new one thx 🙂

  8. Mole says:

    this is the link to the v2. i’ve taken down the link to the v1.1.

  9. Draculaura says:

    does not work

  10. Shogoon1984 says:

    New link please. All posted links are down

  11. Dirty-Rider31 says:

    none of the links work

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