RJL’s Scania Trucks Flags DLC Compatibility Addon

I was having a really hard time finding the original Flags DLC compatibility mod by RJL, so once I finally did, I thought I’d make it a little easier for everyone else who was having trouble, and while I was at it, I also added the option of adding compatibility with the Pirate Flag from the Pirate DLC.

So as to install the Mod, simply extract from the RAR the ZIP that’s suitable for you (more details in the Readme file).

Since RJL’s compatibility mod had one download link mentioned only in one of his uploads, so I thought it’d be easier to find (plus, the added Pirate Flag) if it had its own entry as a mod in the website. Please see that as a purely technical improvement of the mod’s accessibility, *and full credit (excluding the Pirate thing) goes to RJL.*

RJL, Nazgûl


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3 thoughts on “RJL’s Scania Trucks Flags DLC Compatibility Addon

  1. Its on the ###### forums and on the workshop, so why would this bee needed?

    1. It’ll help those who are having difficulties finding it on steam (I don’t suppose there are too many of them). It’ll also help those who have a hard copy, which prevents them from getting Steam Workshop mods without a hassle, and in addition, there’s the pirate flag that isn’t included in RJL’s original compatibility addon.

  2. Really+thanks+dude!But+can+you+make+the+same+for+the+mighty+griffin+dlc???

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