RMS Real SemaphoreLight and Traffic v.2.0


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MOD name: Real Semaphore Light and Moderate Traffic v.2.0


The MOD brings a time system of the lights of the actual game traffic lights, plus a moderate traffic (with more trucks and cars) but not overly so.

. The time to follow signal (GREEN) is now (30 seconds);
. The signaling time for attention (YELLOW) is now (2 seconds);
. The time to stop signaling (RED) is now (40 seconds);

Also removed was the YELLOW signal ranging between red and green, leaving only the YELLOW warning signal between green and red.

The time to sleep time lights changed to (between 00: 30h to 03: 30h).

* The MOD has been tested and there is no traffic light timing issue in track crossings within the game.

There was increased transit vehicles and trucks moderately, may be occurring traffic in some cities but not overly so.

Have a good time!

Tested in version 1.20.x game




11 thoughts on “RMS Real SemaphoreLight and Traffic v.2.0

  1. I’d use your mod, but I won’t. Why? Because you remove the yellow light between red and green. While this is right in some countries such as Italy it isn’t so in others, i.e. Germany.

    So your mod gives an “unnatural” feeling in those countries, and so I won’t use it 😀

  2. I’d use your mod, but I won’t. Why? Because you remove the yellow light between red and green. While this is right in some countries such as Italy it isn’t so in others, i.e. Germany.

    So your mod gives an “unnatural” feeling in those countries, and so I won’t use it 😀

  3. very good!

  4. Real semaphore from Brazil! Very good!

    Eu gostei bastante.

  5. Good!

    Real semaphore from Brazil and Argentina!

  6. CajunMan0001

    Well I have tried this mod with ProMods, Poland Rebuilding and Rusmap and I have another profile that has TSM 6.01 and Rusmap, used this mod on it.

    On both profiles, everything seems fine in Europe, but when I get to UK and head to London or towards Glasgow it crashes to the desktop.

    I don’t know why it works in Germany, Sweden, and any other european country, but when I get to the UK, I go for a little while and crash. If I remove this mod, then I can drive all over the UK with no crashes.

    Guess if I get a job that goes to the UK, I gotta stop and remove this just before I enter the UK and put it back after I leave the UK. Kind of a pain to do that though.

  7. Andrea,

    I know that some countries have different types of traffic lights.

    This model is for countries like the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay and many others.

    In Europe there is really yellow light after red light on switch to green.

  8. CajunMa001,

    I did not test with PROMODS.
    The mod is fully functional in the original map of game.

    1. CajunMan0001

      Well, I do want to apologize. Apparently there is something else causing my issue with UK in both Promods and TSM map. Not 100 % sure what it is. I assumed wrong cause this was the last mod I installed before going to GB.

      At first when I removed this one, I was able to go all around, but next day had another run to Aberdeen and it crashed again. Your mod wasn’t running. Weird that it don’t happen in any other European country. My wheel I was using decided to quit working as I was on a run and could not turn or brake. Had to go back to using my XBox 360 wheel with adapter for PC. Had no problems with GB for a long drive, then bam crash again. the crash log is confusing as heck and game log doesn’t give me much to go on. But I’m thinking on making 2 new profiles, one stock and one with just TSM and Rusmap and no other mods and then use GB as a home base and see if driving around either one with the euro trucks does the same thing on stock and TSM with no other mods.

  9. Magnetto12

    Very good this mod. I used the version v.1.0 and v.2.0 now transit through the game became more real.

    You can now travel and always a lot of cars on the roads, I thought it was more real. Previously it had few cars and often the roads were empty.

    Regarding the traffic lights, I quite liked the increased time it brings more realism to the game, besides the traffic is more intense at intersections due to long to open the lighthouse.

    Missed the author warn that the signal was based on American Standard (United States) and other countries like Brazil which is where I live.

    Perfect for me and showed no failures …

    Sorry flaws in the writing, I am Brazilian and I am using a translator … I do not speak English.


    realmente los tiempos de semáforo son reales incluso mas largo que la realidad, pero resulta que como en el tiempo del juego 1 segundo equivale a 10 minutos resulta que el semáforo rojo esta 10 minutos cortando el paso por lo que cuando ya se pone verde esta tan atascado el cruce que nadie puede pasar, por lo que el juego se detiene y hay que reiniciarlo para que se normalize la calle

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