Ro Map Add-On v 3.9

Ro-Map-Add-On-v-3.9-1 Ro-Map-Add-On-v-3.9-2

Version 3.9:
– Converted to 1.16 game version

Author: Traian


16 Responses to Ro Map Add-On v 3.9

  1. Evox says:

    i ill try it on 1.15.x to see if i get market back in use because after a map check, the old map do not having enterprises in cities.

  2. Evox says:

    [ please delete my message error from me ]

  3. Female Trucker says:

    Does this work on 1.15 Evox?

  4. cristigeambas says:

    Iar tu cu harta ta?
    esti penibil copilas …
    ce e real la harta ta?

  5. truckinrebble says:

    I’ve down loaded this three times now and everytime it keeps saying corupt…

  6. Jerry says:

    I would like to be able to download v3.7.5 as that worked for me..

  7. WalterPlinge says:

    Same here…

  8. VLAD says:

    incearca sa o faci mai realista, macar ghideaza-te dupa o harta geografica.

    • asdgfsatafvsadsdgbas says:

      ce sa faca saracul , nu prea stie ce e aceea infrastructura …

  9. Kiwikh87 says:

    Dont work anymore with TSM 5.4 v1.16? If i Load ROMapAddon before TSM there is no connections from Debrecen and Nadlac.If i Load ROMap after TSM Then if some other connections in Italy missed. Thanks for Great Addon. Hope it goes right back everything with TSM + RUS + RO.

    • JoachimK says:

      Thats right, no Connections from Debrecen and Nadlac. Trying older Versions, thats now the same.
      Zhe Version I had installed, has now the same bug. Trying all Versions this morning.
      Thamk you for a Fix.

      • JoachimK says:

        Here a Picture:

      • kiwikh87 says:

        I read that he has made a standalone Map therefrom. Who knows why. Who wants to play freely with just the original map + RO … Well no matter if there soon then nothing happens learning I modding, and adjust the Map addon as to which it is playable again. If the mod creator fans of the map can simply hang it should not be surprised if these develop it even further.

  10. Kiwikh87 says:

    Dont works with new TSM Anymore?

  11. Human says:

    need version soon

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