Road Connection between Project Balkans and Macedonia Rework

Fixed broken road from Albania, Elbasan to Albania, Tirana is back.
Tested on ETS2 1.40.x version with ProMods v2.55, Project Balkans v5.1 and Macedonia Rework v1.4.1.



4 thoughts on “Road Connection between Project Balkans and Macedonia Rework

  1. You don’t need this though? the broken road only occurs if you got a bad load order.

  2. you don’t need this though. no? the broken road only appears if you have a bad load order.

  3. Where is it located?

  4. I loaded with this fix and without it, I do not see the broken road. Neither do others on the SCS Forum, what exactly does this fix? I have no broken roads.

    WIthout this file my map looks the same as the bottom image. Can someone clarify?

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