Road to Asia 1.1 Map Mod Afghanistan Turkmenistan North & South Korea – ETS2 1.41

Road to Asia Version 1.1 for ETS2 1.41 is RELEASED
Welcome to Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and the Korea’s!
TerraMaps, the same team that brought you the Caribbean Map and Red Sea Map is proud to present the Road to Asia 1.1 for ETS2
The biggest update of TerraMaps yet
Road to Asia 1.1 features the beautiful yet authoritarian nation of :flag_tm: Turkmenistan; travel across the desolate deserts of the Ahal Region, venture beyond the White Marble Capital City of Ashgabat in the silk road, the lush green Dashoguz Region, close to Uzbekistan.
This version also features the most unimaginable place you will haul cargo to and from; the torn nation of :flag_af: Afghanistan. Traverse through the catastrophic Taliban dominated northern regions of the nation, and visit unique landscapes.
Thought Afghanistan was tough? How about the most secluded nation in our planet; :flag_kp: North Korea? Well, in this version you’ll get a chance that intriguing yet very mysterious country. Visit the capital of Pyongyang, and its surrounding cities, in you very own truck. After that, why don’t you cross the DMZ and stroll right into :flag_kr: South Korea? Visit the surrounding cities in the Seoul area, close to North Korea. Drive through modern and very detailed roads, deliver cargo from real Korean companies, and much more.
1.1 Content:
-Sharlavuk, Serdar, Bäherden, Ashgabat, Tejen, Mary, Türkmenabat, Serhetabat, Daşoguz, Köneürgenç, Derweze, Yerbent, Gyzylgaya. :flag_tm:
-Herat, Andkhoy.
-Nampo 남포, Kaechon 개천, Pyongyang 평양, Kaesŏng 개성.
-Dorasan 도라산, Paju 파주, Goyang 고양.
On behalf of the TerraMaps Development team, and especially me, thank you all for the HUGE support and hype you guys have been giving to Road to Asia. We read your messages everyday, and it certainly motivates us to keep mapping 😉 Thank you guys! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys.




33 thoughts on “Road to Asia 1.1 Map Mod Afghanistan Turkmenistan North & South Korea – ETS2 1.41

  1. Baaa asa e versiunea 1.1 . Voi sunteti prosti?

    1. AvM Transport

      It’s v1.1.1!

    2. Roman detected

  2. Game keeps crashing in Pyongyang 평양 1km from the Trainstation

    1. Go to your config.cfg file and increase “buffer size” to 50. We know about the crash in Pyongyang.

      1. Napisz dokładniej gdzie znajdę w config.cfg “rozmiar bufora”

      2. Czy chodzi o to : uset r_buffer_page_size “10”

  3. Schrott, geht nicht.

    1. und ob das geht

      1. VS7K hat Recht, ständige Abstürze in Pyonyang.

        1. AvM Transport

          Post the log & we can help you.
          No log, no help!

          Why is it so hard for you?

          BTW: They have a forum!

          1. Habe jetzt den Buffer auf 50 gesetzt und funktionert.
            Hab nun nur das Problem damit die Karte nicht angezeigt wird wenn ich auf Weltkarte gehe?
            Muss ich da noch irgendwo was ändern an den Karteneinstellungen, Zoom etc.?

          2. Habe den Buffer auf 50 gesetzt und funktioniert nun.
            Habe jetzt nur noch das Problem das wenn ich auf Weltkarte gehe die Karte nich angezeigt wird.
            Muss ich da noch irgendwo was ändern was den Zoom betrifft etc.?

    2. AvM Transport

      You need ALL Map DLC’s!

  4. und wie? Habe immer Absturz.

  5. Habe alle DLC aktiv.

  6. Wer sagt mir, was ich machen mss. Hab keine Mods aktiv-

    1. AvM Transport

      Post the log & we can help you.
      No log, no help!

      Why is it so hard for you?

      BTW: They have a forum!

      1. Bleibt Schrott. Schmidt die Karte zum Mond. Fahre eh ATS, da gibts krime Probleme!

        1. AvM Transport

          You can do it better? I don’t think so!
          I don’t care what du you play or not.
          You can’t google. That’s a fact!

          1. Ha ha ha ha

  7. OH SI WON

    is it compatible with Promods ? or should I remove Promods firstly ??

    1. AvM Transport

      You can find it on 😉

  8. ereilly26

    Irishedd Trucks Thanks for a great map keep them comming

  9. Ist die Map für Promods oder normal. Sieht gut aus. Habe nicht PM

  10. Habe Video gesehen und runtergeladen, geht aber nicht. Habe alle DLC´s. Hilft mir einer? Bitte in Deutsch. Danke!

  11. Nachsatz: Habe normal ETS 2, kein Promods

  12. Habe das Video gesehen und Map geladen, aber geht nicht. Alle DLC aktiv. Habe kein Promods, nur normale ETS 2. Wie geht es?

  13. Ach, was sture Menschen!

  14. Beautiful mod but the map does not move to see where I am When I am Outside Europe how can I turn the map to see all the destinations?

    1. Be i mir geht nix! Crash

  15. game keeps crashing when you pass serhatabat border through herat..
    how can we fix this problem..
    thanks in advance..

  16. could any moderator help me please?
    how can i solve this crasching issue?

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