Road Trains [MP-SP] [Multiplayer] [TruckersMP]

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This mod adds different configurations to those trailers that have the b-train configuration, they have more optional, thus generating different road train configurations. It is fully functional with the multiplayer, for this you must activate and buy the trailers in the singleplayer, once with the purchased trailer, enter the multiplayer. These trailers can be used in all countries!


Este mod agrega diferentes configuraciones a aquellos remolques que tienen la configuración bitrén, tengan más opcionales, así generando diferentes configuraciones de trenes de carretera. Es completamente funcional con el multiplayer, para esto debe activar y comprar los remolques en el singleplayer, una vez con el remolque comprado, entrar al multiplayer. Estos remolques se pueden utilizar en todos los países!

SCS Software, TEmaT


12 thoughts on “Road Trains [MP-SP] [Multiplayer] [TruckersMP]

  1. Triple trailers are banned from Multiplayer aren’t they?

    1. Blacksun

      no they changed the rules again so now it’s legal again

    2. Nop, with the new rules are allowed.

    3. Regulation read §5

  2. Hi, and you can make a mod for MP. Here is a trailer. base_color: (&3ec0a571, &3e52002b, &3cbdac22)

  3. Magnifico97

    4 trailer combination, it’s possible??? TEmaT

    1. That’s right, it is possible to do it. I will get them out soon, as it requires almost twice as many combinations as were made in this mod.

  4. Does this mod support platform trailers?

    1. No, since doing it with this type of trailers generates bugs with the cables

  5. Can you give me some kind of deadline when the 4 trailer road train will come out? i absolutely love the 3 trailer, and i cant wait to go even bigger

  6. How much I can attach trailers in MP?
    When I attached 8 trailer, system kick me xD

  7. Hey, I changed the file to .scs and put to mod folder, and in trailer shop I can’t find the triple trailers.
    Any help

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