Road Unlimited v 0.1 ALPHA

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This is my 1st map so dont be to harsh ;P

Standalone map! when creating new profiles select Roadunlimited mbd.


1.26 Need all dlc’s!!!!
want to play this mod with other mods? you have to convert it into a addon map in the editor.

Any Bug reports are welcome this is a ALPHA version

Moddlers needed!!

Humbby, AlexanderBos


12 thoughts on “Road Unlimited v 0.1 ALPHA

  1. I can’t even figure out how to make a map work D:

    1. go to your documents folder then ets2 then mod folder put the file in that folder. open ets2 create a new profile left upper corner you see a mod logo. click on it and sellect roadunlimited. then when you create your profile click on europe and change it to roadunlimited.mbd thats it

      1. I meant when making my own map, I don’t know how to do all the sii files etc

  2. By Goddard you have to turn right to ikea but there is a invisible wall en so i can not become ikea

    1. Thank you for Playing this map and hopefully you enjoy it! i will fix the bugs in the next patch hopefully comming out tomorrow!

      1. Many thanks for the map! I’m wait for expansion)

        1. Well today there is a new update comming out 😛

  3. PotatoMods

    loved the Map when the 40% steep hill was coming i was like wha is that even posible XD

    1. xd more of those roads are comming 🙂 glad you are enjoying it

  4. I enjoy your map it’s nice only the visible wall for the rest its oke

  5. I can’t buy any truck from the truck dealer

    1. Fixed for version 1.2

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